Qa-55, 5 August 2018, Statement Of The Spokesperson Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hami Aksoy In Response To A Question Regarding The Denial Of Extradition Of Turgut Kaya To Turkey By Greece

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 05.08.2018

The extradition of Turgut Kaya, for whom Interpol issued a red notice, was denied by the decision of the Greek Minister of Justice despite the Greek judiciary’s ruling in favour of extradition to Turkey. This reveals once again that the traditional sentiments of the Greek political power against Turkey have not changed.

Greece, which provided a shelter to PKK Leader Öcalan in the past, today grants asylum to criminals wanted by Turkey and easily ignores the court judgements regarding their extradition.

Greece is expected to respect good-neighbourly relations and embrace the norms of contemporary law.

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